Catalan- Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist.

1952, Tarragona-Spain.

Performer in Visual-Poetic-Performing Arts. Costume, Character creator, Scenographer, Author. Dancer, Actress, Poet.

1968-1980 Studied, searched, worked in Venezuela, South America, New York, Europe, Asia, contemporary experimental art and ethnical cultures with different artists, groups and companies, performing in music, dance, cinema, photography, fashion, sculpture, painting.

Since 1980 focuses exclusively in the costume as her main tool to create own artistic language.

1985-2010 co-founds with the musician Carles Santos in Barcelona-Spain their company CCS for performing arts, achieving high recognition worldwide. Has been specially awarded by her innovating visual work and contribution in the scenic arts.

2005-2015 Universities, in Drama, Fine arts and Design, call her for talks and workshops about extreme creation in performing-visual arts and fashion arts. In parallel activity as curator creates her own itinerant retrospective exhibitions-installations, within 40 years of her accumulated artwork, in multimedia shows. Hundreds of live Costume-Characters and Scenic Elements coming from the stage and other works are today mutant scenography in aleatory sets and actions. Invited by national-international museums and art spaces widely interacts with their heritage and space. Radical and rigorous, her installations provoke extreme views of the historical pieces, in the mixing with her contemporary pieces . Designs the specific sets and scenes where she performs and experiments with diverse guest artists and public. Has conceived her artwork as an elliptic "work in progress" for emerging living visual-sound pieces, coming out from this nomadic proposal. Her MER artwork in its conclusion doesn't ever exist as an ended work in itself.

Mariaelena Roqué has created in total freedom, shapes and contents from a visceral-visual poetic cannibal performance in between Thánatos and Eros walking in non-stop and never looking back. The risk and the mystery of the unknown, are -call and aim- for N combinations to be, keeping on building the artistic-humanistic adventure in a conspiratorial alliance of drive and poetry. The costume as precious axis keeps on dressing-undressing the body and soul, looking for a true Solo Talk in time and space.