< Sun Ra - Live in London 1970

Sun Ra Live in London 1970 Transparency, 317, 2cds. 2011
Disc 1
1. Intro improv - Drum ensemble
2. Walking On The Moon
3. Outer Spaceways Incorporated
4. Untitled
5. The Shadow World
6. Untitled
7. Watusi
8. Theme Of The Stargazers
9. Life Is Splendid
10. Moog solo

Disc 2
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Planet Earth
4. Second Stop Is Jupiter / Myth vs. Reality / It's After The End Of The World
5. Untitled
No exact information, but the personnel during that same summer tour was:

Ra-p, ep, org, Mini-Moog syn; Kwame Hadi-tp; Akh Tal Ebah-tp, cnt; Marshall Allen-as, fl, picc, ob, perc; Danny Davis-as, fl, perc; John Gilmore-ts, d, voc; Robert Cummings-bcl, perc; Danny Thompson-bs, fl, modified bsn; Absholom Ben Shlomo (Virgil Pumphrey)-cl, fl, as; Pat Patrick-bs, bcl, as, ts, fl, cl, perc; James Jacson-cl, fl, ob, perc; Alan Silva-b, clo, vln; Rashid Salim IV (William Brister)-vib, d; Nimrod Hunt-hand drums; John Goldsmith-d, tympani; Lex Humphries-d, perc; June Tyson-voc; Gloristeena Knight (Ife Tayo)-dance, voc; Verta Grosvenor-space goddess, dance, voc.

Recorded live at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, Nov. 9th. 1970
Though sound quality was never an important matter for Sun Ra, Transparency's releases are reaching an edge. Two different customers say this in Amazon:
"Imagine the worst sounding recording you've ever heard. Now take a 20 dollar bill and set it on fire."
"This sounds as though it was recorded from the bathroom down the hall. The audio is absolutely terrible."

Only for the real hardcore collectors.