< Sun Ra - The Solar-Myth Approach Volume II

Sun Ra and his Solar Myth Arkestra The Solar-Myth Approach Volume II BYG Actuel 529341 (1971)
Affinity AFF 76
CD by AffinityB AFF760, the two volumes without Strange Worlds.
Double LP BYG 529202
Double cd CHARLY SNAF818.
Double cd ATOM 2036 under the title "Strange Worlds", 2005
Side A:
The Utter Nots (Ra)
Outer Spaceways Incorporated (Ra)
Scene 1, Take 1 (Ra)

Side B:
Pyramids (Ra)
Interpretation (Ra)
Ancient Ethiopia (Ra)
Strange Worlds (Ra)
Ra-p, Mini-Moog syn, Spacemaster (org), Hohner Clavinet, sun harp; Kwame Hadi-tp; Akh Tal Ebah-tp, space dimension mellophone; Ali Hassan-tb; Charles Stephens-tb; Marshall Allen-as, ob, fl, picc; Danny Davis-as, acl, fl; John Gilmore-ts, perc; Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl; Pat Patrick-bs, fl; James Jacson-ob, fl, perc; Ronnie Boykins-b; Clifford Jarvis-d; Lex Humphries-d, perc; Tommy "Bugs" Hunter-d; Nimrod Hunt-hand drums; June Tyson-voc (on Strange Worlds). The band sings on Outer Spaceways Inc.

Supposed to have been recorded at Sun Studios, New York 1970-1971. Other older material can be included too. And some tracks are clearly recorded live.
The two volumes were reissued on CD by AffinityB AFF760, without Strange Worlds. Also, there was a double LP BYG 529202 which joined the two Solar-Myth Approach. Reissued on a double cd CHARLY SNAF818.
The ATOM 2036 double cd titled "Strange Worlds" contains also the two volumes, thanks to Vladimir Skorobogatov for the info.